Project Plan: Budget

Summary of budget:

●        Here is a summary breakdown of the costs as associated with their tangible outputs:

○        12.5% of budget spent on creating sign-post (table of contents) of deliverables by project manager.

○        25% of budget spent on technical landscaping study delivered in two formats (HTML & ePub)

○        37.5% of budget spent on two visionary technical exemplars for how the authoring-wordprocessing platform could enable digital monograph publishing.

○        12.5% of budget spent on author (end user) viewpoint commentary (via blog posts) on how the landscape recommendations, exemplars and prototypes affect the author and implications for various author groups.

○        12.5% spent updating wikipedia pages on any and all devices that are applicable to publishing scholarly monographs upon, including applicability and technical specification of device for use with digital formats such as ePub and other formats for use as identified in the landscape study.


Budget Itemisation:

Staff and consultancy:  
Project Manager £5,000
Technical Publishing Expert £10,000
Technical Wordprocessing Tool Expert £15,000
Authoring User Perspective Exppert £5,000
Device Technical Specifications Expert £5,000
Total Budget £40,000
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